Preparing for photoshoots РReal Estate & Apartments 

In Apartment Photography by Will Thomas

View of Charlotte skyline from Gateway West Apartments

You want your property to look its best, and so do we. Below you will find a list of some things you can do to make your property looks its best and get the best possible photos. These are just suggestions that will increase your curb appeal in the pictures.

Pool Area Suggestions

  • Clean the pool area. Blow off the leafs and any other trash the morning of the shoot. The pool shot is often the first shoot people look for when browsing online.
  • Stage the chairs and other furniture. Chair back height should be uniform and open umbrellas and sunshades
  • Remove trash, trash cans, grill covers, dead plants, and foliage.
  • Block access 10 minutes before scheduled shoot to the pool once it is setup.

Wharf 7 apartments outside of Charleston, SC

All other areas

  • Stage all chairs and furniture in a way that they look inviting.
  • Clean all glass and mirrors that are visible during the shoot. Pay particular attention to the fitness area were hand prints on the mirrors will stand out.
  • Remove all trash or anything that does not belong such as boxes, storage, and other clutter.
  • Clean all surfaces that are likely to show up in photos. An example would be counter tops in the kitchen.
  • Block access 10 minutes before scheduled shoot to all amenities if possible once they are stage.

If you have any suggestions I could add to this list, please let me know!!

Will Thomas – Photographer