The Animated GIF Booth

We offer an Animated GIF photo booth as an add on to our regular photo booth package. The GIF Photo Booth makes for some exciting video clips to go along with your photos.

two people in multiple poses wearing masks in the GIF photo booth

How does the GIF Photo Booth work?

The fun way. Guest grab a small remote that has a button that fires the camera. We ask to take a series of photos or poses and press the button with each new pose. Then we generate a short video clip of those photos which is delivered to your gallery.

The controlled or fast way. Guests enter the photo booth, and we give the camera for a series of photos. For example, we will tell people to strike a new pose each time I say a number, and we will count down from 5 or 10.

If you want fun videos, check out our slow-mo photo booth.

Is the GIF Photo Booth a good option for a wedding?

You bet, our photos are studio quality and the photo booth is a great way to get candid photos of your guest having fun at your party.

Example image from the GIF Photo Booth of two people mock fighting using swords

If have any more questions, check out our FAQ or give us a call anytime.

Forge Mountain Photography is available to shoot anywhere in the US, Canada, or Caribean. We travel often so please reach out to us to discuss your photo shoot or photo booth.

Picture of Will Thomas the owner and operator of Forge Mountain Photography