Wedding Photography from Fields of Blackberry 2017

Barbara & Ryan Wedding Photography

at Fields At Blackberry Cove

We used a fisheye lens to get this shot of Barbara slipping into her dress.

Lovely Fall Wedding in Asheville, NC.

Barbara & Ryan choose to have their wedding at Fields At Blackberry Cove.


We loved the pine cone wedding cake toppers!

Final moments before the big show, Ryan making sure everything is in place!

Flower Girl and Ring Bearer doing some final prep and getting ready for the big walk!

One of our favorite parts of the Fields of Blackberry Cove is the stream. If you time it right there can be amazing light, which helps make some amazing photos. The water was frigid on this day. If you want stream shots in the spring or fall it may be a good idea to bring a pair of colorful rain boots.

Did I mentioned we loved the pine cone wedding toppers!


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