Asheville Proposal Photographer

Secret Proposal Photographer in Asheville, NC

People journey from all over the world the visit Asheville North Carolina. It’s no surprise so many choose this area to get engaged. From the cinematic Biltmore Estate downtown to the rolling mountaintops on the Blue Ridge Parkway and the long-range views on Max Patch, Asheville is genuinely one of the most romantic cities in the world.

Planning Your Asheville Proposal

As a service to all of our clients, we offer a free proposal planner who will serve as your expert guide and answer any questions you may have. Since 2010 we have shot over 1,000 proposals in Asheville, North Carolina.

We can present you with a wide range of options ranging from classic elegant to extravagant.

First, we will need to come up with a plan. If you already know what you like, we will use your idea; if you’re not so sure, we can present you with a wide variety of ideas that best help you achieve your goal and tell your story.

Once everything is set, we will share a detailed plan, including a map of the location. This will provide you with valuable insight and allow you to make changes as you see fit.

Expert Proposal photographer is one call away!

Asheville Proposal Ideas

Asheville is truly an amazing place, and there is no shortage of perfect locations for surprise proposals and engagement photography.

It is best to start with some idea of what you want, as Asheville has so much to offer. From the elegant and extravagant Biltmore Estate to waterfalls in DuPont Forest.

Maybe you’re looking for a private stream with a small waterfall in Pisgah National Forest or long-range views from atop Black Balsam along the Blue Ridge Parkway.

The options are there to help your romantic vision come true and capture your moment in a vivid, story-like way.

Asheville Proposal Photography Packages

Prices Start from 500.00

Asheville Proposal Videography

Prices Start from 600.00

Couple standing at the base of a huge waterfall for the adventure engagement photo session

Asheville Proposal Planning

Not finding what you are looking for?

We can help with unique proposal ideas, decorations, venue rental, live musicians, and assistance planning every detail.


How much does a photographer cost for a proposal?

Proposal Photography prices start at 450 and go up from there depending on the complexity and if you require any decoration. You may also want to add video and flowers or other special touches

How do you photograph a secret proposal?

As professional proposal photographers, it is our job not to give away what is about to happen. We will often remain hidden from view and use a long telephoto lens. We know exactly where you will propose, so we can control our location and our amount of exposure. It is not possible to hide in some areas, and instead, we will look like a tourist. Our camera will often not be visible until you are on one knee. And other places, it makes sense for a camera to be there, such as taking a landscape photo, so we pretend to be landscape photographers