2021 Guide Proposing at Biltmore in Asheville. Start Here!

8 Steps To Help You Plan a Unique Biltmore Proposal

Planning a proposal can be tricky and confusing. Doing so at the Biltmore Estate, even more so, we are here to help. Forge Mountain Photography’s expert guide to proposing at the Biltmore, we have shot hundreds of proposals at the Biltmore in addition to many weddings and engagement sessions on the Biltmore grounds. Looking for the perfect spot to pop the question?

View from Diana Hill on Biltmore Estate at peak leaf season.

#1. Admission

Tickets are required to enter the property on Biltmore Estate. Once you buy a ticket, you will have access to the house and grounds. We recommend touring the house early in the morning or late in the evening as the Biltmore House has no air conditioning. You can get your tickets here; if you are looking for other options for your surprise proposal, look here. Another option would be to stay at the Inn on Biltmore Estate, this will allow you access to certain areas on the grounds early in the morning.

Pro Tip: If you plan to come back, go ahead and upgrade to a season pass!

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#2. Choose Your Proposal Location on the Biltmore

We suggest you check out our Top 10 list for Biltmore Proposal Locations. Diana Hill is the most popular and has two options, upper and lower. The lower is more popular for guests because you do not have to climb the hill to get a view of the house. Other guests are likely to be in your photos and standing nearby because of this easy access to the lower area. The upper area has views of the Biltmore House and the Blue Ridge Mountains in the background.

If you want more personalized suggestions for other locations at the Biltmore, give us a call.

Biltmore Surprise Proposal At Christmas in Asheville
Biltmore Estate Proposal in fall with beautiful colors

#3. Picking a Time of Day for Your Surprise Proposal

Picking a time of day for your surprise proposal – There is no wrong time, but if photos or videos are important to you, you should aim for 1-2 hours before sunset at most locations. The lighting will be flattering and “soft” with no harsh shadows. If you want to shoot midday, we suggest either the lagoon or one of the hills behind the Biltmore house so you can be in the shade of a tree. These also make great locations to picnic. If you want access to a nice shady spot away from the crowds consider a private carriage ride.

#4. Where to Park

The top of Parking Lot A is the best spot to park for Diana Hill proposals and engagements. If the parking attendant tries to direct you to another parking lot, turn on your emergency flashers, and you will be waved through. If you intend to propose at another location or have an extended engagement session throughout the Biltmore, there is likely a better place to park. It is best to give us a call.

Have a look below at Parking Lot A and a virtual tour walk to Diana.

Proposal at Biltmore Estate in Asheville during the Winter

#5. Shuttles

Be aware that traveling throughout the Biltmore Estate for your engagement shoot will be easy, thanks to an incredible shuttle system. There are many stops, and if you are staying on the estate, this is the most convenient way to travel around Biltmore. It is easy enough from the Biltmore House to catch a shuttle to the winery or Cedrics to grab dinner.

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#6. Unique Places for Photos

After the proposal, you will want some engagement photos. We have a guide for Biltmore Engagement Spots. We can start at Diana Hill and work our way down to the landing and into the front lawn. From there, it is choose your own adventure; we will be happy to be your guide to get the best possible photos and avoid the crowds!

Carriage Ride Biltmore Proposal in Asheville
Biltmore Proposal in bright sunlight

#7. How Long will a House Tour Take?

Most tours take around an hour to an hour and a half. If you are hiding the ring, there are metal detectors when you enter the house. They will pick up your engagement ring.

#8. Is Biltmore Right for You?

 If you are visiting the Biltmore Estate, it is a perfect place for a proposal. The estate has so much to offer. If you want views, it has them. If you want privacy, it has that as well. However, for some people, it is not a good fit. Here are our top 10 proposal locations around Asheville. We also can help you find a special place, and we scout locations all the time in Pisgah National Forest and we are all up for Adventure Photography sessions.

Image of Biltmore Surprise Proposal

What happens after your surprise proposal?  We guarantee your finished online gallery of photographs to be sent to you within 24 hours. Most of the time, you get the whole gallery the same night as the proposal.  You will be eager to share the news with your loved ones, and what better way to do this than to send a picture of the actual proposal. 

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