Top Asheville Engagement Locations

What are the best Engagement Photo Locations in Asheville? We hear this question all the time; let us be your guide to our amazing area. There are so many stunning places in the Asheville area; we have put together a list of the 11 best locations for engagement photography and why we love them! If you are interested in Biltmore Engagement Photography, this article covers Biltmore in detail. 

The 11 Best Engagement Photo Locations in Asheville

#1. Asheville Engagement Location - Biltmore

The Biltmore Estate is by far the most popular Asheville Engagement location.  It is also our favorite location, and it is easy to understand why so many couples choose the Biltmore Estate as the engagement location. 8000-acre well-manicured estate located in the heart of Asheville. Guide to surprise Biltmore Proposal

#2. Asheville Engagement Location - The North Carolina Arboretum

Located outside of Asheville right off the Blue Ridge Parkway, exit at mile marker 393. This is a year-round favorite! There is an entrance fee of 12.00 per car.

Golden hour proposal photo on top of Max Patch

#3. Asheville Engagement Location - Max Patch

Max patch is the spot if you enjoy hiking and the outdoors.  Max Patch is a bald located on the Appalachian Trail.  It is about a 1-hour drive to reach this trailhead and only about 10-15 minutes to hike to the top. Your reward for making the trip are some of the best views in Western North Carolina. Directions

#4. Asheville Engagement Location - High Falls, Dupont State Forest

High Falls in Dupont State Forest is amazing. It is possible to hit 3 or 4 epic waterfalls in one photoshoot. If you are up for an adventure, you are sure to be rewarded if you select Dupont State Forest.

Couple on Engagement Photo session in Dupont State Forest laying in the grass

#5. Asheville Engagement Location - Blue Ridge Parkway

Long-range views of the Blue Ridge Mountains galore, there is a one must-have shot on the Southern Terrace. If you happen to catch it at the end of the day without people, make sure also to get photos on the Library Terrace.

#6. Asheville Engagement Location - Looking Glass Falls

Amazing waterfall in Pisgah National Forest. If you are looking for a Waterfall for your Engagement Photos, this would be one of our top picks. This waterfall is best for in-water shoots when it has not rained in a few days. 

#7. Asheville Engagement Location - Triple Falls, Dupont State Forest

This is our go-to waterfall choice, it works regardless of the weather and looks amazing year round. 

#8. Asheville Engagement Location - Black Balsam

Black Balsam – Asheville Best Engagement Location

#9. Asheville Engagement Location - Botanical Gardens at Asheville

Botanical Gardens in Asheville

#10. Asheville Engagement Location - Downtown

Love the city, Asheville offers many engagement photography locations.  Start at Vance memorial and let us introduce you to some of the little-known nooks and crannies. North Market Street is another favorite, the street is brick with some great views of the Asheville skyline. If planned in advance it is possible to get access to some of the cool old buildings downtown like the old Masonic Temple.

#11. Asheville Engagement Location - Breweries

If you love craft beer, Asheville has some fantastic breweries.  The perfect way to get some candid moments for your engagement photos. In the past, we have spent 30-45 minutes shooting and having a beer at each brewery of your choice and finish up downtown on Market streets brick road after sunset. Sierra Nevada brewery by the airport is a great starting location; it has the largest outdoor area and some fantastic photography opportunities.

The Best Photography Experience Ever

Portrait of Will Thomas from Forge Mountain Photography
Will Thomas
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An Engagement to Remember

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