11 Top Biltmore Engagement Locations

Finding the perfect spot for your engagement photography session on the Biltmore Estate can be daunting. We are here to provide you with what we feel are some of the must-have photo areas for engagement photography at the Biltmore. If you are proposing, this article will cover the best locations for proposals at Biltmore.  We also have a guide on what to do after you pick your location.

We like to start at Diana Hill as this is the highest spot on the list, so all walking from that point will be downhill. 

11 Best Engagement Photo Locations on the Biltmore Estate

Biltmore Surprise Proposal At Christmas in Asheville

#1. Biltmore Engagement Location -Top of Diana Hill

This area offers views from the top with the Biltmore and Pisgah in the background. Diana hill is the shot everyone thinks of when they see Biltmore. However, most people never make it to the top. We recommend parking in Lot A at the top. Parking at the top of Lot A will make your walk uphill very short. Diana gets its name from the statue of Diana, the goddess of the hunt.

#2. Biltmore Engagement Location - Landing at the Bottom of Diana Hill

The landing is a great spot to capture the house in your engagement photos; if shooting from a low angle, you will not be able to see anyone entering the house or on the grounds below.

Photo of couple standing on landing at the Bottom of Diana Hill

#3. Biltmore Engagement Location - Italian Gardens

Depending on the time of the year, you can get some excellent water reflection photos on the stocked koi ponds. Even in the off-season, this area has impressive lines with views of the Southern Terrace.

#4. Biltmore Engagement Location - Tennis Lawn

If you catch the wisteria blooms, this spot can be breathtaking. Even when not in bloom, this is another fantastic spot for engagement photos. Never skip this grassy spot below the South Terrace!

Couple dancing on the tennis lawn at the Biltmore Estate

#5. Biltmore Engagement Location - South Terrace

Long-range views of the Blue Ridge Mountains galore, there is a one must-have shot on the Southern Terrace. If you happen to catch it at the end of the day without people, make sure also to get photos on the Library Terrace.

#6. Biltmore Engagement Location - Walled Gardens

One of Will’s favorite engagement or wedding photography locations is the gatehouse by the conservatory in the walled gardens. The gatehouse is one of those must-have photos regardless of the time of year. 

Couple holding each other closely in tulip fields in the walled gardens on the Biltmore Estate

#7. Biltmore Engagement Location - Azalea Gardens and Bamboo Forest

The Azalea gardens offer so much variety that it is hard to pin down one location to shoot. The azalea gardens are the go-to spot when you don’t want to be around people for your Biltmore photo session. The bamboo forest is also in this area with lovely footbridges that are an excellent proposal photography and engagement photography location.

#8. Biltmore Engagement Location - Bass Pond and Bridge

It is a pond, not all that remarkable for engagement photos; however, this area shines with the old brick bridge. Depending on the traffic pattern Biltmore has set up, you may be able to walk out onto the Bridge and get perfect reflection engagement photos. If not, there are still some solid trails that have plenty of photo opportunities.

#9. Biltmore Engagement Location - Lagoon

The golden hour is calling, and the lagoon is your location for golden hour engagement photography on the Biltmore Estate. The lagoon looks terrific at first light in the morning or about 20 minutes before sunset in the evening. Expect photos with the Biltmore on a hill in the distance glowing with the last light of the day. If the light is right, it can look very surreal and fairytale-like.

#10. Biltmore Engagement Location - Hill Above Lagoon

You can hike to this location from the walled gardens on the way to the lagoon or park at the lagoon and follow the trail up. There are a few massive oak trees that make lovely engagement photography locations. Late fall through early Spring, you can see the main house if you want it in your photos or altogether avoid it if you choose.

Biltmore Engagement Locations

#11. Biltmore Engagement Location - Fields of Antler Hill

So many people skip the fields around Antler Hill village for their engagement or proposal photoshoots. Depending on the time of year, it can be fields of wildflowers, mustard which produces tiny yellow flowers, or sunflowers. Regardless we feel this is a must-stop if the flowers are in bloom.

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