Top spots for a Romantic Biltmore Proposal

Our Top 11 spots for Proposal Locations at the Biltmore House in Asheville, NC

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Biltmore Surprise Proposal At Christmas in Asheville

1 – Diana – The Biltmore Proposal Spot

Possibly the most scenic views of the Biltmore Estate with long range views of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Named after the statue at the top of the hill over looking the house, Diana the goddess of the hunt.

Why you will like this location? The views, if you are proposing at the Biltmore you may want the house in the background. If so this is your spot.

Why we like this spot? Plenty of hiding spots for our cameras and it is easy to hide in plain site. This is our go to spot for proposal photography. 

2 – South Terrace

This is the large open area on the south side of the house.  In the far corner is the “Tea House” which is really romantic with long-range views.  This area can be extremely busy depending on the time of day. We recommenced either first thing in the morning or late afternoon, sunsets can be amazing from the Tea House. This is the place for backlight portraits with a warm feel and long-range views.

Couple dancing on the tennis lawn at the Biltmore Estate

3 – The Gardens

There are a few different gardens at the Biltmore, we are specifically referring to the Walled Garden and Rose Garden. This is a great place for portraits and proposals from April through October.

Starting in April the walled garden comes alive with Tulips. Truly one of the most beautiful Tulip gardens in the world. If you are looking for a romantic place to get away from the crowds first thing in the morning this is the place.

Early May they start adding annuals and removing the Tulips. This is also when the azaleas bloom. Looking for roses, these normally start blooming in June and go strong through September.

Anytime from April – October and this area will be great for popping the question or an engagement shoot afterward!

4 – In Horse Drawn Carriage

Great way to see the estate and set the mood. 90-minute private carriage ride. There are some really great views of the backside of the estate on the ride. This is another popular spot to propose. 

Carriage Ride Biltmore Proposal in Asheville

5 – The Lagoon

The lagoon may not be the first thing that comes to mind when your thinking of spots to propose at Biltmore. But this is one of the most private views of the house. This is also a great place for a picnic.

6 – Pergola

Wow wow wow. This is the place for wedding photography and engagement photography if the crowds are gone. Covered by very old wisteria vines this is possibly our favorite spot. Even when not in bloom this is an amazing spot.

Biltmore Engagement Locations
Couple walking in the Italian Gardens with their back to the camera. He has just proposed and they are sharing a moment.

7 – Italian Gardens

Always a favorite the Italian Gardens are named after their Italian sculptures. This area has three large symmetrical reflecting pools which are filled with koi, lily, and other aquatic plants. There are also several vine-covered bench areas that make great shots. If you get lucky and there is no wind and still water we can capture some amazing reflection photos.

8 – Bass Pond – Boat House

Just a short hike or drive from the Walled Gardens is another amazing scenic area.

Photo from across the Biltmore bass pond oh, this is the bridge that leads across the best part. It is made of brick and glistens red and in Setting Sun there is a reflection in the  pond of the bridge and the couple
Engagement Photos under the wisteria in the Pergola on Biltmore Estate

9 – Verandah at Inn on Biltmore Estate

Located at one of the highest-rated hotels in Asheville. This is a great place to stay and the veranda really sets the mood. Staying at the Inn allows you access after hours which makes for some unique engagement photography opportunities. This is one of the go-to spots if the weather bad.

10 – On a Private Trail Ride

Like horses? Biltmore has 80 miles of trails all over the estate. Some of the best views of the French Broad river on the estate can be found on these trails. We can setup out of sight along the trail to capture you surprise proposal. After the proposal we can take a ride for some of the most romantic engagement photos.

Proposal photography session on hiking trail on Biltmore Estate in Asheville, NC. Couple are standing face to face, with golden light showing them as they embrace

11 – On one of the many Hiking Trails

The thing is there are a few things that Will and Julie love as much as photography. You guessed it one of those is hiking! We are willing to hike anywhere on the estate to capture you popping the question or engagement session. 

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