19 Best Asheville Proposal Ideas

Top Proposal Ideas for Asheville NC

It is no real surprise that each year couples from all over the world travel to Asheville, NC, to propose. There are so many locations and choices that it can quickly become overwhelming. If you want to skip all the searching and researching, we provide a professional proposal planner for free to all our clients. Below you will find the list of what we consider to be some of the best locations and ideas for proposing or engagement sessions in Asheville, NC.

#1 Biltmore Estate

The Biltmore deserves its own article as there are many excellent proposal photography locations on the Biltmore Estate in Asheville. Remember, you have access to the entire estate, not just the house!

Proposal Idea for Biltmore Estate, book a romantic private carriage ride. First, stop at a hilltop overlooking Biltmore in complete privacy; sitting under the lone oak tree is the perfect spot. Have your photographer stage the area with roses or your favorite flowers.

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#2 North Carolina Arboretum

Another distinctly Asheville proposal location, there are several locations at the NC Arboretum that are suitable for proposals; check out our guide here. This is one of our favorite dog-friendly proposal locations.

Proposal Idea for North Carolina Arboretum, arrive about an hour before sunset and have your photographer stage the Gazebo with LED candles. This is no ordinary gazebo, and when the sun is setting and the Heritage Gardens Gazebo is lined with candles, it is the perfect romantic location.

#3 Black Balsam Knob

Black Balsam is one of the best views on the Blue Ridge Parkway in the Asheville area. A short hike up the Art Loeb Trail to the summit of Black Balsam Knob or continue to Tennent Mountain for a more private viewing. 

Proposal Idea for Black Balsam Knob, take a short half-mile hike to one of the rocky ledges overlooking the Blue Ridge Parkway and the surrounding mountain. The landings offer some of the most amazing views in the area and are sure to impress. Want to take it up a notch, plan a picnic in this idyllic area and prepare for the best sunset ever.

#4 Craggy Gardens

Sunrises are for Craggy Gardens; this is one of the Asheville areas that has received too much love in recent years and can become quite crowded. Also, as you can see from this photo, sunrises can be magical! By aiming for sunrise you will miss most of the crowds that flock to this area. Want something similar yet private? Give us a call!

#5 Dupont Forest Waterfalls

High Falls, Triple Falls, and Hooker Falls would be solid choices; want an off-the-beaten-path proposal, maybe a horseback ride to wintergreen falls or a bike ride to the top of Cedar rock.  More info about Dupont

Proposal Idea for Dupont State Forest: take a scenic hike to the bottom of Triple Falls. Your photographer will provide you with a detailed map to know exactly where you are going. Once you arrive, take a knee at the base of this massive triple waterfall. This is one of the few locations where drone videography works well; the waterfall will drown out the noise from the drone, and being in the air will allow you to see all three waterfalls at once. If you want to take it up a notch, your photographer can stage LED wax candles in the shape of a heart for you to walk into! 

#6 Graveyard Fields

Up for a bit of a longer hike? Graveyard Fields has you covered with some stunning landscapes to capture the moment. This is a larger area and perfect for an extended proposal and engagement photography session on the Blue Ridge Parkway. 

Proposal Idea for Black Balsam Knob, take a short half-mile hike to one of the rocky ledges overlooking the Blue Ridge Parkway and the surrounding mountain. The landings offer some of the most amazing views in the area and are sure to impress. Want to take it up a notch, plan a picnic in this idyllic area and prepare for the best sunset ever.

#7 Max Patch

The bald mountain top has the most potential for awe-inspiring mountain views of any location in the Southern Appalachian mountains. Add in a sunset and some clouds, and you will have some mind-blowing scenery. Be aware that this area has become extremely popular in recent years. If you want something similar without the crowds, give us a call. 

#8 Pink Beds

This is a bit of a specialty proposal spot. This may be your spot if you love giant wild fern patches surrounded by moss forest and high mountain bogs. This area is also home to the blue ghost firefly in the summer. Pink Beds is also our favorite to bring the dogs along.

Proposal Idea for Pink Beds, Plan a trip to see The Blue Ghost fireflies and Pisgah National Forest and take a long hike to a romantic mossy forest area that you will have all to yourself. Your photographer will have pre-staged led candles and roses or your flower of choice for when you arrive. You will have the area to yourself, and your photographer will remain hidden until what is happening becomes clear. If you’re fortunate, there will be blue ghost fireflies in the shot.

#9 Looking Glass Falls

This is a summertime favorite with a short walk down some steps that puts you at the base of the magnificent waterfall. If you are planning to propose here, be prepared to get very wet.

#10 John Rock

This rewarding uphill hike has long-range views of Looking Glass Rock and the Blue Ridge Mountains. You will be on a rock face, so you need to be comfortable with heights. You also need to be comfortable hiking as this hike is mainly uphill. However, if you make the hike, it will be well worth it; another option is to do the Looking Glass Rock hike. I would consider this as an alternative to Craggy for a surprise wedding proposal.

#11 Slick Rock Falls

This is the sleeper of the bunch, doubly so if you enjoy camping. This waterfall is very similar to Sliding Rock which allows you to slide down the waterfall to a pool below. The only difference is that this one is off the beaten trail, and not many people know about it. There are also two campsites with amenities that are available here. We can help you plan the perfect camping proposal at Slick Rock Falls. Slick Rock Falls is one of our top three Asheville proposal ideas for 2022! Want to know more? Let’s talk!

#12 Devil's Courthouse

Short 1-mile round trip hike to long-range views on the Blue Ridge Parkway. On a clear day, you can see four states from the observation area! Devil’s Courthouse is also a nesting area for Peregrine Falcons if your significant other is a birder.  Devil’s courthouse gets its name from the legend of Tsul ‘Kalu in Cherokee mythology. 

Proposal Idea for Devil’s Courthouse. After enjoying a nice dinner in downtown Asheville, decide to take a ride on the Blue Ridge Parkway to a scenic spot that you heard about with nesting peregrine falcon. As you arrive at the lookout platform, whip out those binoculars and search for the peregrine falcons. Once you have the place to yourself, you will signal that you are about to take the knee to the hiding photographer for the perfect surprise proposal!

#13 The Botanical Gardens at Asheville

This is a small botanical garden located close to downtown Asheville and adjacent to the University of North Carolina-Asheville. There are a few different areas that are suitable for surprise proposals. This also serves as an excellent place for engagement photos and a launching off point to do further engagement shoots in downtown Asheville

Proposal Idea for The Botanical Gardens at Asheville, Have your photographer pre-staged the gazebo, creating a path of rose petals leading to a heart made from roses or their favorite flowers and wax LED candles creating a stunning ambiance. If you want to go all-out, you can have us bring a large “Will You Marry Me Sign” made of wooden letters or rustic tin letters. This is one of the best and most straightforward Asheville Proposal Ideas. 

#14 Chimney Rock State Park

If you’re staying at Lake Lure or visiting the area Chimney Rock has long-range views and is extremely easy to access. You will be at the top of a large granite outcropping located at the summit. This is the best place for a surprise proposal; there is also an option for Hickory Nut Falls as a backup plan for your surprise proposal. Both Dirty Dancing and Last of the Mohicans were filmed in this area.

Proposal Idea for Chimney Rock State Park. Want to get away from the crowds of Asheville for your surprise proposal? Lake Lure has a lot to offer, and Chimney Rock it’s a premier spot located directly outside of Lake Lure. Plan a romantic picnic on the lake or atop Chimney Rock after your proposal. If you really want to do it up, plan to stay at the 1927 Lake Lure Inn; it has much to offer and is a great escape from Asheville.

#15 Pretty Place Chapel

Also known as Fred W. Symmes Chapel, this is no ordinary chapel. Built in 1941, this open-air chapel is located on a mountain top with sweeping views of the area. It is located very close to Dupont, so if you want to do an engagement photography session in Dupont, but none of the areas seem like a great fit for your proposal, this is a great starting point.

Proposal Idea for Pretty Place Chapel, Plan a hiking trip to view all the waterfalls and DuPont Forest; it is easy to hit three waterfalls and a very short height. First, stop at Pretty Place Chapel; this will serve as the surprise proposal location that you have picked out. Your photographer will be hiding in plain sight however will probably not be seen until you are on one knee proposing. After the proposal, you and the photographer will head to Triple Falls to do a fairytale engagement photoshoot there and at High Falls. After you’re done at High Falls, it’s your choice if you want to proceed to another waterfall or maybe head to the covered bridge for some more photos. We are here to help plan out your perfect proposal.

#16 Sierra Nevada Brewery

The Sierra Nevada Brewery in Mills River is like the Biltmore of breweries. You will not find a finer brewery in terms of landscaping and architecture in the area. Sierra Nevada Brewery is located close to Pisgah National Forest as well as Dupont and serves as a great alternative photography location or additional shooting location for your surprise proposal and engagement photo session.

#17 Lake Lure

The Gazebo located on Lake Lure it’s an excellent place for your surprise proposal. It is beautiful just as it is and can be staged with permission with light signs or other important decorations for you and your loved one. This is one of the other locations that may be acceptable to use drones as you could get long-range Mountain views and the Gazebo in the photo. Or simply stage a photographer with a long telephoto lens across the lake in addition to the photographer that will be close to you. We suggest you stay at the Lake Lure Inn or one of the other resorts in the area as you will be able to change clothes and be very close to all the amazing photography opportunities lake Lure has to offer if you book an extended session.

#18 Bearwallow Mountain

Beautiful views on this grassy mountain bald, this location holds the unique distinction as the only location on our list with cows or any livestock. Located about 20 miles from downtown Asheville on the way to Lake Lure and Chimney Rock, this grassy mountain bald offers several different trails and is a prime sunset location. 

#19 One of a Kind Spot

We will work with you to find a truly unique spot that speaks to you and helps tell your story. We know the area extremely well and I am sure we can help you find the perfect Asheville Proposal location!

Proposal Ideas for Asheville, NC

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