We are Forge Mountain Photography.

About Forge Mountain Photography

We are husband-wife Asheville-based photographers. We specialize in artistic no pressure wedding photography and commercial marketing and architectural photography

Julie and I met in Asheville in 2002. The first night we met, we stayed up all night talking while she made me green tea in her coffee maker. We both enjoy hiking and being outdoors and have been together ever since that night. We always have our cameras with us to this day. In 2005 we tied the knot.





Within a year we had our first human child. Yes, the dogs are our children too and we love them very much. Walter changed everything. He is our amazing little boy!

Walter Thomas | Will and Julie's son sitting in a rocking chair with a bug container in his hands

Not to be outdone in any way within two years Marguerite “Kaiya” Thomas was born with a head full of red hair. She shares a birthday and name with her Great Grandmother. She is our little firecracker who is always competing with her big brother.

Will and Kaiya Thomas both in bee suites holding a frame of bees and honey

Ohh and we keep bees. This brings us to our next adventure. We moved from Asheville to a little farming town outside of Asheville called Mills River.

A little farm? Yeap we decided to move out of Asheville and buy our little slice of heaven that backs up to Pisgah National forest. We keep Chickens, Ducks, Pigs, and Turkeys. We also have two dogs Mayley a rescue Chesapeake Bay Retriever and Strider the goofey goober retriever. When time permits we also keep foster dogs until they can find forever homes.

Ula the momma pig with one of her newborn piglets at our small farm.

In 2010 Will was contacted by Google to see if he would be interested in working with Google Streetview Trusted. Streetview Trusted was called something different back then but none the less it is when Forge Mountain Photography got its start in commercial photography. Shortly after joining I moved into the hotels’ team and began shooting on the Choice and Hilton photography crews. Did I mention we are available internationally? We shoot both weddings and commercial shoots anywhere in the world.

Google Street View Trsuted Photography badge

Wedding photography is our heart and soul. We love telling stories with our images, and we would like to tell your love story.  We approach weddings and wedding days as your story, not our timeline. On your big day, we are there for you and go with the flow.  We do not like to be boxed in by one style. We shoot in a photo journalist style when it is appropriate. For instance, when you have candid moments we do not influence these in any shape form or way. We try to get the best shot possible without distracting you or your guest. Our experience shooting weddings have taught us exactly where we need to be to get the best shot and we often capture these moments without you even knowing we are there. We also specialize in Fine Art Wedding photography.

We are available in Asheville, NC and worldwide. Please get in touch with us to book your next shoot using the contact form below, or you can follow us on one of our social media profiles and contact us that way if you prefer. Instagram, Facebook, Google+, Flickr

Or give us a call/text anytime
Will Thomas 828-243-2755 or ForgeMountainPhoto@gmail.com
Julie Thomas  ForgeMountainPhotography@gmail.com

How we work.

1 Contact us to go over your needs and wants. We will setup a time to talk in person if possible. Book your date and time

2 We will capture your images in stunning detail using our creative eye.

3 We edit your photos and deliver them to you in a digital album or mail them to you on a thumbdrive