Eileen + Eser Proposal at Biltmore Estate

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Biltmore Proposal and Engagement Photography

Biltmore in the fall is absolutely beautiful and this day, 6 years from Eser and Eileen’s first date was no different. Eser and Will had been communicating for a few weeks going over plans and back up plans. The day was absolutely perfect and everything went incredibly with this proposal! You can read the whole story here at How he Asked

Eser on one knee proposing to Eileen at Biltmore Estate in Asheville. Photographer is hidden behind Diana statue  Close up of Eser proposing with Biltmore house partially in viewEser down on one knee proposing with full view of the Biltmore houseEileen + Eser Proposal photography - Eser down on one knee proposing, Eileen is clearly happy and smiling. Eileen and Eser hugging after she said YES!Close up of Eileen and Eser with their dog who is a boxer Eileen and Eser squatting on the lawn on Diana kissing and embracing their dog.Photo of Diana the goddess of the hunt with Biltmore house in the background.

A little back story the above statue is Diana the goddess of the hunt. She sits at the top of the hill overlooking Biltmore in an area commonly referred to as Diana. This is often the place I tell people I would be hiding for surprise proposals. It offers great cover and a place to stash my cameras. Also if I do somehow get outed I just pretend to be taking photos of the house and or the statue. This is also one of the main wedding venues on Biltmore Estate.

Eileen and Eser standing at the base of Diana lawn with the Biltmore house in the background, shortly after Eser had proposed.

Immediately after the proposal Eser had setup an engagement photo shoot around the Biltmore house and grounds. Getting the dog to look at me was a bit of a trick as there were so many people around.

Eileen and Eser standing at the base of Diana lawn with the Biltmore house in the background. Eileen and Eser walking holding hands for their engagement photography at Biltmore Italian Gardens. The Biltmore house is partially in view in the background.Eileen and Eser posing in Biltmore's Library Terrace. You can see the wisteria vines growing up rock columns. Engagement shoot on the South Terrace on Biltmore EstatesEngagement photo of Eileen and Eser standing in bright red and orange mums in the gardens on BiltmoreEileen and Eser standing under a rose archway for engagement photos at BiltmoreView from a distance of Eileen and Eser standing in a huge patch of mums in the Gardens at Biltmore for their engagement shoot. Eileen, Eser, and their dog standing in large old stone entrance way into the gardens on Biltmore  Eileen and Eser embracing under one of the gates in the Biltmore Rose Garden. The are using their hands to make a heart symbol Eileen and Eser with their packs to the camera looking at the Biltmore house from Lagoon along the French Broad river

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