Natalie & Thomas Wedding at Mountain Lodge

In Wedding Photography by Will Thomas

Natalie Chapman + Thomas Hibbs

Ring bearer in full tux in perfect focus with newly weds Thomas + Natalie kissing in background

Cosmopolitan Wedding at
The Mountain Lodge
Flat Rock, NC

Natalie and her love, Thomas, hosted their romantic wedding celebration at The Mountain Lodge in Flat Rock, North Carolina just outside of Asheville, NC. They choose this Asheville venue due to its close proximity to Asheville, Hendersonville, and Brevard. It is literally surround by some of the most beautful mountains in Western North Caronlina.

Natalie getting blush applied to her face by makeup artist.View of the back of Natalie's head after her hair and makeup have been complete. This really show off her hairstyle.Thomas getting ready with Mary BellBoth wedding rings posed on the flowers and greenery Natalie's sparking heels with her diamond ringWedding dress hung in large open window at the Mountain Lodge

The original plan was to have the ceremony outdoors by the waterfall. However the weather had different plans. The beautiful sitting room in the Mountain Lodge with it 2 story fireplace instead served as a back drop.

Ceremony being setup in the sitting area of the mountain lodge. This view is straight down the aisle with a view of the fireplace.Thomas' son being spiffed up by Mary Bell

The above image is actually a custom development process that we use, it is not black & white or sepia. Instead it is a process called split tone which we include a complete set of photos in split tone with all our wedding packages. In addition the online gallery of all your photos has the option to convert any photo to black and white.

Greenery for the bridesmaids

All the floral arrangements + greenery were hand crafted by Sophie’s Garden. Greenery with bold colors is one of the wedding trends predicted for 2017!

Thomas and his son sitting on rocking chairs on the front porch of the Mountain LodgeSplit tone picture of Thomas' sonThomas' mom helping Thomas' daughter put on a necklaceNatalie with her back turned cannot see her father approach but know he is there!Tears beinging to well up in Natalies' eyes as her dad approachesGuest taking a picture of the couple durning the ceremony his cellphone is clearly in focus showing the Bride and Groom

Moments always come first in our wedding photography. We stand back and capture your candid moments as they truly tell your wedding day story.

The rain stopped and the sun came out just in time for some formals by the waterfall.

I rarely include formals on my site. If you are going through wedding photographers you have likely seen your fair share. If you would like to see the complete shoot including formal just let us know and we will be happy to give you access to the full gallery. Get in touch – Asheville Wedding Photographer

Thanks for taking a look at Natalie and Thomas’ wedding Mountain Lodge. I leave you with a farewell kiss from the groom himself Thomas!.


Planner: Mary Bell Events
Photographers: Forge Mountain Photography
Hair & Makeup: Dee Dee Evans / Bella Chic Salon
DJ: Joe Monroe
Florist: Gina Jones / Sophie’s Garden
Minister: Charlie Gibbons
Baker: Serena Owens / Artista Cakes


We have included the timeline from the wedding below. This is here purely as an example.

Friday –
Finalize Packing: Double check all apparel for Natalie & Thomas

Marriage License The License will be good for 6 weeks prior to wedding date. You may wish to take care of this before your wedding week… up to you!

Guest Book w/pens
Cake Cutting Tools (Mary to bring)
Gown (all elements)
Comfy shoes to slip into/dance in, Insoles for your shoes formal heels
Wedding night lingerie etc
Makeup remover
Thomas’ suit/tux (all elements), undershirt (white), ex. black socks, shoes, cufflinks, extra shirt, hair products

*Please bring all above items to Wedding Rehearsal and give to Mary

*Please note… ALL personal wedding items and décor that you wish for me to place out for you must be FULLY assembled and ready to go. Everything must be out of all packaging, stickers/tags removed and fully constructed… ready to go… ready for placement. These items need to be organized and with a diagram and instructions provided for exact placement.

3:00pm: Natalie & Thomas arrive to Mountain Lodge of Flat Rock Flat Rock (check in time is at 3pm)

5:30pm: WEDDING REHEARSAL Mountain Lodge of Flat Rock
(GPS ADDRESS: 755 Upward Rd., Flat Rock, NC 28731)
(Physical Address: 42 McMurray Rd., Flat Rock, NC 28731 (828) 693-9910
*Bride, Groom, Bridesmaids, Groomsmen, Flower Girl, Ring Bearer, Minister Charlie,
Parents (if possible) need to attend. It would be best for readers (if there are readers)
to attend as well.
*Natalie to bring marriage license and give to Minister Charlie
*Natalie to bring ALL personal wedding items listed above or other
(Guest book etc. and GIVE TO MARY at Wedding Rehearsal)

6:30pm: Wedding Rehearsal finished

7:00pm: REHEARSAL DINNER at Mountain Lodge (in Lounge area)
*Groom’s family toasts and majority of additional toasts are most appropriate at
Rehearsal Dinner
*This is also a GREAT time to inform those who are to remain for photos after

Wedding ceremony in courtyard

Morning: Rise and Shine! Breakfast served from 6:30 to 9:30am!

10:30am: Dee Dee & Elizabeth (hair/makeup) arrive to Lodge to set up

11:30am: Natalie to set out detail items to be photographed (dress, shoes, rings, invitation etc.)

12:00pm: Lunch *I recommend delivery or purchased trays of sandwiches, fruit/cheese/crackers etc.
for girls and guys (each room at Lodge has a full sized fridge)

Hair/Makeup Schedule as follows (taking place in Bride’s room at Mountain Lodge…

Dee Dee/Hair
(in Bridal Suite) Elizabeth/Makeup
(in Bridal Suite)

10:45 Alexis (Bridesmaid)

11:00 Serena (Maid of Honor.)

11:30 Crystal (Bridesmaid)

11:45 Alexis (Bridesmaid)

12:15 Serena (Maid of Honor.)

12:30 Crystal (Bridesmaid)

1:00 Natalie (Bride)

1:15 Savannah (Bridesmaid)

2:00 Savannah (Bridesmaid) Natalie (Bride) *lashes

2:45 Dona (Mother of Groom)

3:00 Jill (Mother of Bride.)

3:45 Dona (Mth.of Groom)

*Note- Dee Dee & Elizabeth are working as a team to complete hair & makeup. The above services may be adjusted by them based on their best judgment of Dee Dee doing “all hair” or “some hair, some makeup”.

12:30pm: Thomas & the guys begin getting ready at Thomas’ house

1:45pm: Will & Julie (2 photographers) arrives to Mountain Lodge *NO FIRST LOOK
*Will & Julie to begin with final stages of getting ready (girls)
Gina (florist) arrives with flowers & to set up. Bouquets to Bridal Suite

2:00pm: Thomas & Groomsmen are dressed and ready
Mary arrives to Lodge

2:15pm: Thomas & Groomsmen w/Will for pre-ceremony photos at Lodge

3:00pm: Natalie concludes hair/makeup and slips into gown *photographed
Bridesmaids are dressed and getting ready
Joe (DJ) arrives to set up ceremony & reception

3:10pm: Thomas & Groomsmen conclude pre-ceremony photos, to a suite to relax (in
system under Thomas Hibbs)

3:15pm: Natalie & Bridesmaid w/Will for pre-ceremony Photos

4:00pm: Serena arrives with Wedding Cake *with box to save top

4:15pm: Natalie & Bridesmaid conclude pre-ceremony photos (back to bridal suite to
relax & touch up)

4:30pm: Minister Charlie arrives
Guest begin to arrive to Waterfall Courtyard for Ceremony
DJ Joe begins prelude music

(Parents, Minister Charlie, Groom, Groomsmen *w/ BOTH rings, Bridesmaids,
Flower Girl, Ring Bearer *Bride-remains hidden with Father- Larry Chapman)


5:30pm: Ceremony Concludes
Cocktail Hour begins in Fireplace Lounge for guests (released by Minister Charlie)
Natalie, Thomas, Serena & James sign Marriage License
Natalie, Thomas & Wedding Party & Family Photos post-ceremony
*You will need submit your photos pairings list to Will 3 weeks prior to wedding. This will outline the family photos
needed after the ceremony. For instance, it will say… Bride & Groom with Bride’s extended family, Bride & Groom
w/Bride’s immediately family, Bride & Groom w/Bride’s parents & siblings and so on. Then switch to groom’s side.
It is best to start with a large group and then “release” guests from that group to capture smaller group photos. It is more organized this way and goes faster. You also must inform all family that is to stay for photos ahead of time. If
we lose guests to the cocktail hour, it will be a struggle and take more time than it should.
(*bar, cocktail tables, gift table, guest book table. House linens. DJ Joe to play music in

6:00pm: Post Ceremony Photos Conclude
Natalie to bustle dress with Serena

6:25pm: Guest begin Reception seating in Grand Lodge Ballroom
Natalie, Thomas & Wedding Party with Mary for Formal Introduction

6:30pm: RECEPTION BEGINS (OPEN seating, no assigned tables. Elongated head table for
wedding party of 13 chairs all facing out, round tables of 8 per for all others)
FORMAL INTRO: “Forever” Chris Brown
Wedding Party then…
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Hibbs! Enter
First Dance: “When God Made You” Newsong (full length)
Official Welcome by Larry Chapman (FOB) *This is NOT a toast, just quick thank you
for coming.
Blessing of the Meal by Beckett Chapman (Ring Bearer)

DJ to play dinner music

7:50pm: Cake Cutting “How Sweet It Is” MARVIN GAYE *Cake top saved, Mary to depart
3 Toasts *No champagne pour, guest to toast with drink in hand
Larry Chapman- Father of Bride
Serena Mansell- Bridesmaid
James Hessler- Groomsman
Father/Daughter Dance “You’re My Hero” Teresa James (full length)
Mother/Son Dance “A Song For My Son ” Mikki Viereck (full length)
Dance Floor Open

9:45pm: Last call from bar (DJ to announce)

9:55pm: Last Song “Last Dance ” Donna Summer

Gifts and personal items collected by Ann Chapman (Bride’s sister)