Preparing for a Photo Shoot Staging your Home, Apartment or Business

Tips for All Areas

  • Meticulously clean all areas (vacuum rugs & carpets, mop hard surfaces, clean countertops, clean windows)
  • Turn ON all overhead lights and lamps
  • Replace all burned out light bulbs
  • Use bulbs of the same temperature (Daylight, Warm, Cool, 5500K)
  • Straighten all lamp shades
  • Turn OFF all ceiling fans
  • Turn OFF all TVs
  • Turn OFF all computer screens
  • Clean blinds/window treatments | Open let in natural light
  • Remove personal pictures (or replace with general landscape/object photos)
  • Stage all beds | Remove comforters if they appear lumpy
  • Remove all clutter | Less is More
  • Remove all shoes/clothing/jackets and place in closets

Tips for Exterior

  • Remove all clutter – pay particular attention to balconies, porches, and common areas
  • Close all garage doors
  • Remove cars from the front of home or office
  • Spruce up landscaping (mow, trim shrubs, remove leaves)
  • Have landscaper add Iron to grass if needed to make green
  • Remove dead foliage and empty planters
  • Remove trash cans
  • Remove spider webs from eaves and door frames
  • Remove visible water hoses
  • Remove toys, playground supplies, balls,
  • Remove any seasonal decorations

Tips for Pool Area

  • Balance pool water – Water should be blue, not green or milky
  • Clean pool deck and any porches
  • Remove all trash cans and signs
  • Pool furniture should be meticulously organized and in perfect lines – Add towels if appropriate
  • Remove any water hose
  • Put away pool vacuum, net, and cleaner hose
  • Hide all pool supplies
  • Remove any toys and floats
  • Open all umbrellas
  • Make sure all cushions and umbrellas look bright and clean not faded
  • Make sure umbrella functions
  • Turn on any water features.

Tips for the Kitchen

  • Clear countertops, less is more. No mail, clutter, knife blocks, or cooking supplies
  • Clean countertops, remove any stains
  • Stage Kitchen area with one small appliance, fresh fruit, and maybe a cookbook
  • Remove any personal effects from the area including pictures, clothing, shoes, notes, etc
  • Hide all dishes, move dirty dishes to the dishwasher
  • Hide all garbage cans

Tips for Living Room

  • Remove magazines, papers, mail, etc.
  • Remove clutter from fireplace mantel/hearth (no more than 3-4 items, including art)
  • Fluff and arrange furniture pillows
  • Remove toys, personal effects, and random clutter

Tips for Bedroom

  • Bedding should be immaculate (matching colors, no wrinkles, no discoloring or faded bedding)
  • Edges of bedding and sheets when visible should either be tucked neatly or hung straight
  • Pillows should be wrinkle free, fluffed, matching and arranged neatly
  • Carpet and Flooring should be freshly cleaned
  • Remove all personal belongings (Pictures, clothing, electronics, clutter)
  • Remove trashcans

Tips for the Lobby

  • Remove all marketing materials (table tents, ads, rack cards, business cards, etc.)
  • Remove all trash cans
  • Remove everything from front desk (1 or 2 small items will be ok)
  • Clean or remove doormats
  • Arrange seating to look inviting
  • Make sure all pillows are fluffed and appear bright and not faded
  • Turn on all visible lighting
  • Straighten all curtains
  • Clear clutter from all tables

Tips for Business Center

  • Chair should be slightly open to look inviting or perfectly square with the desk to look formal
  • Clean computer screens
  • Turn off computer screens
  • Hide all cables
  • Remove mouse pad
  • Remove office supplies (extra paper, marketing material, pens, tape, etc.)

Tips for Fitness Center

  • Turn off all equipment or sync there screens
  • Clean all glass
  • Remove stacked cups from water cooler
  • Organize all free weights
  • Remove waste baskets
  • Fold all towels neatly and organize
  • Clean and Turn off TVs

Tips for Meeting Rooms | Events Space

  • Stage room as if a function was taking place ( theater, classroom, horseshoe, school, etc.)
  • Make sure all chair backs are perfectly aligned, all glasses, pens, marketing material, should also be precisely aligned
  • Make sure all tables are aligned and staged
  • Hide all cables, trash cans, and stacks of drinking cups
  • Avoid centerpieces or choose a very modern centerpiece (boardrooms can use communications equipment as a center piece