Slow Motion Photo Booth

Forge Mountain Photography offers Super slow-motion video photo booths throughout the southeast. Our large open-air booths allow an interactive fun experience everyone will remember.

Are there differences between slow motion photo booths?

Yes. There are vast differences in quality. We offer two quality levels.

  • 240 FPS at 1080p which is Full High Definition
  • 240 FPS at 4K

We shoot true slow motion, not software rendering. Software rendering slow-motion results in a blurry video on anything larger than a cellphone.

Do I need 4K?

It depends if you are having a professional wedding video you may want to add some of the clips from the photo booth. If your video is being produced in 4K, it is always nice that your slow-motion clips are the same resolution. Some people also want extra resolution and detail. I think 1080p or Full HD is enough for most cases.

Asheville Slow Motion Photobooth

Is your booth Super Slow-Motion?

Slow Motion Photo Booth with one guy in a viking hat

Yes, 240 frames per second, which means every second, there are 240 images created to slow things down and catch every detail.

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