Frequently Asked Questions - Photo Booth Rental

Table of Contents

What is the cost?

Please refer to our Photo booth pricing page

What is an open air photo booth? 

Just like a traditional photo booth only it is open on all side and allows for guest to move about, jump, horseplay, and be wild. The sky is the limit!

Do you have any specialty photo booths?

We do! Click here to learn about our Alternative photo booths or here for our Polaroid Booth.

How large is your photo booth?

It depends on your backdrop choice. We can fit into very tight areas using a small footprint. On the other end of the spectrum, we can use massive backdrops that can accommodate large groups

Is your photo booth an iPad?

No. We use iPads for sharing it is not attached to the booth or camera. The iPads are strictly there so guest can see and share their photos via email or social media. Guest are free and encourage to walk around with the iPad. Our photo booth uses a professional Canon DSLR

Asheville Photo Booth Rental Example photos from a wedding

Who takes the picture?

The guest with the remote or the photo attendant. The remote is wireless and small, we encourage guest who are in the booth to use the remote.

How many pictures can I take?

As many as you like! No really we can handle it no problem.

How fast can I take pictures?

This really sets us apart from 99% of other photo booths. You can take as many photos as fast as you can press the remote. This allows for you to create animated gif files as well.

Are kids allowed?

Yes, we can set the booth up to cater to adults, kids, or all guest!

Are pet allowed?

All well-behaved pets are welcome to come on in! We have had dogs, cat, snakes, pigs, and birds all strike a pose in our photo booth

Photo Booth Rental Asheville using a lightsaber in the photo area

How many people can fit in your photo booth?

The number of individuals in the photo booth at one time is limited only by the size of your backdrop. Example – If you choose to use a large brick wall as your backdrop you are only constrained by the number of people who can fit into that area. The attendant will make sure everyone is in the picture.

  • 6-foot backdrop 4-8 people average
  • 8-foot backdrop 6-10 people average
  • 10-foot backdrop 10-15 people average
  • 15-foot backdrop 20-30 people average

Do you have any other backgrounds?

We have an assortment of background ranging from completely white without shadows, retro patterns, to modern designs.

Can we use our background?

Yes and we can help you with tips and tricks. An excellent way to make your photo booth stand out is to add some personal touches. We have even seen people hang marshmallows from the ceiling to create a snow effect.

Can I bring my banner?

Yes. You can, and we highly encourage you to customize the photo booth as much as you like.  If you are bring something custom, please let use know so we can help prepare and bring extra mounting hardware

People having fun in the photo booth at wedding. All are dressed up and wearing props

Can you print the pictures?

Yes. We print on dye sublimation printer which means the photos are ready to handle and will not smudge immediately after printing. It is a much tougher print.

Should we get a printer?

While this is a personal choice, we have found that the following works best. Small children enjoy the printer, and the print does not discourage photo booth usage. They run around and jump back in with the print in their hands or just hand them off to someone else.  For adults and teens, we have found once they have a few prints participation goes way down. Guest tend not to get back in the booth once they have photos. Maybe because the printer takes 30 seconds longer or maybe because they have the print in their hand.

Can I share on social media?

Yes, Yes, Yes.  Instant social sharing is the way to go. You can instantly share the photos via Email, Facebook, Instagram. Guest can even come back later in the night, and share photos that were taken hours earlier!

Can you stream on Instagram?

We can stream the photos on Instagram as long as we have access to a reliable Wi-Fi connection

How long is setup?

Under 30 minutes under normal circumstances. In a pinch, we can get it up and be rolling in 10 minutes.

How do we receive the photos?

  • Instant Sharing via Email and Other Social Media
  • Private Online Gallery With Downloads
  • Public Facebook Gallery

How many props do you have?

Thousands, let us know what you need!

We are having a themed party, do you have themed props?


    • Star Wars
    • Steampunk
    • Masquerade
    • Western

Can I bring my own props?

Yes this is encouraged!


How does your photo booth work?

  1. Guest enter the booth area
  2. Guest grab their props
  3. Guest grab the remote when it is their turn
  4. Guest move to the shoot area
  5. Guest use remote to take as many photos as they like
  6. Guest get instant feedback as the photos pop up on an Ipad
  7. Guest return the remote and pick up the iPad and email the photos to themselves or share on social media.

Are your photos HD or High Definition?

Yes, our photos offer incredible detail at much higher resolutions than typical carnival booths.

Do you use filters?

We can; we like VSCO filters.

Do you provide Black and White photos?

Yes these can be provided in addition to color photos in your online gallery or shot only in black and white for instant sharing

Do you provide Monochrome pictures?

Yes, we do. Monochromatic photo booth pictures up to 50 megapixels!

Do you offer discounts?

Yes, for humanitarian nonprofits just get in touch with us. For example, we did a photo booth for Shiners Children’s Hospital, we love working with people and companies trying to make the world a better place, and we are always willing to give back!  We are very thankful to all our friends who use our services that allow us to make this happen!