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Elopement Photography for Couples Who Love an Adventure

Asheville Elopement Photographer

Asheville, North Carolina is one of the best places to elope; if you are thinking about eloping here, we suggest you reach out to one of our photographers familiar with the area to give you an idea of some of the best places. If you already have your location picked out, we can ensure you have the best possible experience. Need help planning? We are one phone call away!

Picking A Time and Location for Elopement Photography

Asheville is fortunate to have so many beautiful locations for Adventure Elopement Photography! The time you choose for your elopement will affect the quality of your photography. Depending on your location choice, this may be 2-3 hours before sunset. 

Bride and Groom dancing on top of Max Patch

Some of the Best Places for Elopement Photography Near Asheville

Dupont State Forest

Pisgah National Forest 

Max Patch 

Expert Elopement planner is one call away!

Dupont Forest Elopement

DuPont State Forest has many waterfalls; our favorites are High Falls, Triple Falls, Bridal Veil Falls, Grassy Creek Falls, Hooker Falls, and Wintergreen Falls. It is possible to visit all of these waterfalls in a single day, and it is straightforward to hike to three of them with a 3-mile round trip hike. If you are interested in a waterfall elopement, Dupont would be our first choice!

Elopement Photographer taking pictures in front of rushing water in Dupont State Forest as the recently married couple stand on a rock

At most of these waterfalls, you can walk right up to the base of the falls making for great elopement photography. 

We will help you plan your waterfall elopement that best suits your needs. 

We are intimately familiar with DuPont State Recreational Forest and will give you an insider’s guide on the trail system and waterfalls to visit. 

Hunger Games and The Last of the Mohicans both filmed scenes at these waterfalls


Mountain View Elopement Photography

Few places on this Earth are as beautiful as Max Patch outside Asheville, North Carolina. It is one of our favorite places to visit personally. However, in recent years, Max Patch has become increasingly popular, and if you choose to do your elopement at Max Patch, you will likely be sharing it with you and a hundred other people. There is a way around this and that you could be there first thing in the morning which will make for amazing photos and likely privacy as camping is not currently allowed on top of Max Patch.

We have some other suggestions for areas that are nearly as beautiful as Max Patch, such as Jane Bald, Cedar Rock, John Rock, Pretty Place Chapel, or other off-the-beaten-path places. If you are looking for a spot off the beaten path, we will be happy to share some locations with you and go over your elopement planning.