Food Photography from Chocolate Fetish in Asheville. Dark chocolate truffles with roses on top and chocolate drizzle

We cater to your needs. Food photography is just more than taking a picture of food. Anyone can take a photograph of food,  but very few can capture the true essence of the dish.  We want people to see the photo and feel the urge to want to try the food pictured. We want the photographs to evoke positive emotions and get individuals who see the picture to come into your place of business to try the food. 

Here are some more recent photos from food photography around Asheville.
The Chocolate Fetish 
The Marketplace

We offer two distinct services to serve your needs best. 

Most of our shots are done on site with a portable studio.  We have a wide range of lights and props that we can bring to get the shot to make your food look 
positively appetizing.  Sometimes we want to project a particular image that is not possible to capture in your place of business.  This is where off-site photography works best.  Shots requiring water splashing or controlled smoke come to mind.