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Make your business stand out! Show up in your competitors’ listing!

Google now allows businesses to bring Street View into their business with Google Street View Trusted Photography. Strengthen your online business presence across Google with a premium-quality 360º virtual tour powered by Street View technology.

Google 360 Views Doubled Interest in Business listing. I


It is now easier than ever to bring Google 360 into your business and attract more customers.

Our virtual tours will work on all devices across many platforms, including Facebook.

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Increase Your Search Rankings

Enhance your Google Business Profile with a 360 tour that helps build trust.

Increase your visibility

Google Street View Virtual Tours are published on all Google platforms 

Google 360 View

Whats Included

Virtual Tour Photography

All of our Google 360 virtual tour packages come with complete coverage for your business and its amenities.

Street View Photography

New businesses and recently remodeled companies will want their Street View updated as well; we have you covered.

Still Images + Drone Photography

All of our Google Virtual Tour packages come with the option for still and drone photography.


We offer flyby and VR video tours of your business that can be included in any package.

Who and what is Google StreetView | Trusted?

Google Street View Trusted is a program created by Google to help searchers find local businesses. The goal of the program is to help searchers find local business and inspire confidence among potential guest.

Why would I want Google Virtual Tour for my Business?

Virtual Tours with Google My Business increase sales, foot traffic, trust, and web visibility. The virtual tour will also increase your local Google ranking. We feel Google Business StreetView Photography is one the best digital marketing tool available. Study after study has shown that having a Google Virtual Tour helps increase guest confidence, search ranking, and support decision-making.

Is there a monthly charge for the Google Virtual Tour?

Many people have the same question, and the answer is always the same. There is no monthly charge for a Google Virtual Tour. 

How long will it take?

Keep in mind; every business is different, so the time varies depending on several factors. Here are some examples of the time required to capture the virtual tour.

  • Small Coffee Shop – 15 minutes
  • Small Restaurant – 30 minutes
  • Large Restaurant – 45 minutes
  • Hotel – 2 hours
  • Apartment Complex – 3 hours

It will take 2-5 business days for the tour to be published on Google. 

How long has Forge Mountain Photography been a Trusted Google Photographer?

We joined the program in 2012

How many businesses have you onboarded for virtual tours? 

We have helped countless small businesses and many others as well. In 2016 we shot over 600 hotels in 1 year. We were selected to be part of the Google team that photographed all the Choice and Best Western hotels for the hotel program.

We also have created over 400 virtual tours for Apartment Guide or RentPath.


Are you a Matterport photographer?

We are Matterport photographers; we also use a much higher resolution camera as our preferred method to capture Google Virtual Tours. If you need a Matterport photographer, please reach out and let us know. If you would like to avoid the “hosting fee” for the Matterport camera, we can do that by using one of our other solutions. 

Are all Google Virtual Tours the same quality? 

Not even close! There are standards such as “Image Quality,” which requires 5,300 x 2,650 px image size. We aim for a minimum of 18,000 x 9,000 or 162MP pixels, which looks drastically better even on a cell phone. Google StreetView is often your first impression. You want to make it the best possible image. Seeing is believing; send us an email, and we will be happy to send you some live examples!

Some people claim much higher MP; however, the image size/quality drops drastically when you ask what size is delivered. 

Can you edit the Google Virtual Tours?

Keep in mind that you want to stay within the guidelines Google has set, but we can undoubtedly edit the virtual tour. 

Can I put the Google Virtual Tour on my website?

We make it easy; you actually have a couple of options. We can create a custom tour you can imbed on your website, you can embed the Google Virtual Tour on your website, or create a custom overlay for the Google Virtual Tour. 

Examples of Our Work

Click on any of the below businesses to see their tour published on Google Maps.
Click here to see 100’s of example tours completed by Forge Mountain Photography

These are interactive virtual tours created for Google Street View Trust. By being interactive you have to take control. Move around using your keyboard arrows, your mouse, or even your fingers on a touch screen. Below you will find a Business View Photography created for The Chocolate Fetish in Asheville, NC

Another Example of Business View from Asheville