Bride and Groom standing in the doorway at the Orange Peel holding hands. Grooms first look at the bride standing in the entrance way to the Orange Peel Wedding party formal shot from the stage at The Orange PeelClose up of the bride and grooms Chuck Taylor Allstar shoes Wedding party formal on stage under blue lightLeslie_and_Chris_Wedding_Photos_The_Orange_Peel-6 Bride and Groom walking up Biltmore Ave in Asheville holding hands.Bride and Groom under The Orange Peel sign pointing to their names listed on the sign. Leslie_and_Chris_Wedding_Photos_The_Orange_Peel-17 Leslie_and_Chris_Wedding_Photos_The_Orange_Peel-20 Leslie_and_Chris_Wedding_Photos_The_Orange_Peel-21 Leslie_and_Chris_Wedding_Photos_The_Orange_Peel-23 Bridal party taking shots while a young girl puts her hands over her eyes. View of the wedding from the sound board! Leslie_and_Chris_Wedding_Photos_The_Orange_Peel-30 Wedding Photo of the Bride and Grooms first dance!