Sarah + Matt
Asheville Engagement

We love old farm places and barns so we loved the ides of meeting Sarah and Matt at their families place for their engagement photos. Some many great place for Asheville engagement shoots and so many barn!

Sarah and Matt holding hands in front of their old family barn for this romantic engagement shoot in Asheville NC

On of the coolest barns we have had the pleasure of visiting.

Sarah Bell and Matthew Layne embracing with old riverstone barn with a rusty roof in the background.
Sarah walking her horse through the barn while holding Matt's hand. Sun is creating star light effect for magical appearance in this engagement photo

When possible we like to make use of the sun to create that magical warm feel in our photos. We do this in our wedding photos as well. If the sun is just right we can create a star light effect using lens flair.

Picture of Matt and Sarah's boots
Sarah and Matt kissing next to the old home place which is a river stone house in Asheville, NC.
Sarah and Matt sitting in chair in front of the barn. Matt is kissing Sarah on the head in this engagement photo
Both Sarah and Matt walking their horses through the barn.
Night shot of Sarah and Matt sitting in the grass with there back up to the stone wall
Sarah is embracing Matt with one hand and her horse with another.

The sun is back lighting Sarah and Matt perfectly through the crack in the barns roof.

Sarah and Matt kissing through and umbrella that is back lite
Closing photo of the engagement shoot.

Let us know what you think! See more of our Asheville Engagement PhotographyWedding Photography or book your engagement session.  Don’t have a family barn, we certainly know of a few we could use for photos if you are wanting an engagement session in an old barn or farm in the Asheville area.