We offer free portraits and family portraits for survivors of childhood cancer and their family. We don’t accept money of any sort for these shoots, not donations nothing! If we have time in our schedule, we will do it for free.

My son Walter was diagnosed with OMS which is a syndrome associated neuroblastoma. He is now a very healthy 11 years old. While he was sick, it was hard for us to do regular things in life. Luckily someone entered us in a “contest” for free portraits. While we didn’t win we still ended up getting the pictures and looking back we are very thankful we did.

Forge MountainPhoto-

Shortly after Walter was considered clear and go to be in public again cancer hit again. I had a cough that was diagnosed as dust mite allergy for months. Then came the back pain at night. After pushing for an MRI I was diagnosed with stage 4 Hodgkin Lymphoma. We don’t have a family history of cancer, so this was a shock, to say the least!  That was six years ago, and I am NED, clean, cancer-free!!


If you or someone you know are battling childhood cancer and would like portraits, family photos, or just a fun photo session, please give me a call at 828.243.2755

You will get all the pictures in a gallery which you can download and print and share as you like. No cost whatsoever