Lake Lure Engagement
Evan + Molly

Molly and Evan walking on the boardwalk at Lake Lure

What a beautiful day! We meet Molly and Evan at Morse Park. This is were their ceremony would be held later in the year. We decided to do a walking loop and enjoy the beautiful day. To get things started we went down the broad walk and discussed wedding plans. It also provides a nice view of the Lake Lure Inn and Spa which is the location of their future wedding reception.

From Morse Park we walked to the Lake Lure Flowering Bridge and the grassy knoll. This is one of our favorite spots for engagement photos in Lake Lure. It is a brick path with loads of flower beds that are maintained. Also on one side there is a nice shaded knoll that is perfect for a romantic picnic

Molly and Evan engagement session in the Lake Lure Flower Bridge
Evan kissing Molly under Lake Lure sign
Emma, Molly and Evan's dog in focus. They are blurred in the background having a picnic.

Yes we are dog friendly and we have dog that are members of our family as well!

Evan and Molly at the Gazebo in Morse Park - Lake Lure

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