The Fields at Blackberry Cove – Asheville Wedding Photographer

Located in beautiful Reems Creek Valley just minutes from the Blue Ridge Parkway is The Fields at Blackberry Cove.  Reem Creek is one of the nicest areas in Asheville. The Fields at Blackberry Cove has a lot to offer for an outdoor wedding. If getting good pictures is important to you this venue is perfect. It has mountain views, wooden fences, majestic trees, and one cool barn!



View of the Barn at The Fields of Blackberry Cove. Tables are setup for the reception with rustic wood platters and vases full of colorful flowers. Wedding photography provided by Forge Mountain Photography.
Barn at The Fields of Blackberry Cove

The Barn – Formal Wedding Photography

The Barn is a great place to start with formal wedding shots if your party is small enough. It provides a rustic one of a kind set for some great photos. The large barn doors act as natural frames and create a very pleasing look. There are also some smaller doors and windows that can make some very interesting rustic wedding photos! This is also a great place to escape the heat in the summer!

The barn is also a great place to take some informal shots!

Large barn with wedding party standing in the door. The wedding party is taking a formal, whoever everyone is strike a silly pose! Asheville Wedding Photographer Will Thomas provided the photo.
Wedding Formal take at the large barn door


The Fields – Wedding Photography

They don’t call it The Fields of Blackberry Cove for no reason! While I have not found the blackberries they have 22 acres of fields to spread out and enjoy. Plenty of room for the largest of wedding parties and the fields are wonderful! They are a great spot for photos whether it be the ceremony, formals, or just celebrations. There is a huge tree under which the ceremony takes place. Again if you are going for the Rustic Wedding feel you will be hard pressed to find a better spot!

Huge oak tree over 300 feet. Uniform rows of white chairs line where the wedding ceremony will take place.
The large tree under which the ceremony takes place


Why we love The Fields at Blackberry Cove

As wedding photographers we get to see behind the scenes at a variety of different places. We are also tasked with one of the most important jobs of the wedding, your wedding photography! The rustic feel of this venue along with the green fields in Reems Creek Valley surround by mountain, the stage is set for us to capture some one of a kind wedding photos! Also no matter how nice the venue the host can make or break the deal. Everyone at The Fields at Blackberry Cove were sharp as a tack. I have never even witnessed a hiccup, they run a tight ship and it makes the whole day stress free for everyone. Give us a call to today, we want to be your wedding photographer and we care about you and your big day 828.243.2755