Brides Rolly and Kaleen standing on a rock in the fields of blackberry Cove the brides are wearing a gray dress in a white dress standing in a green field atop a rock in front of the barn

Kaleen and Rolly flowers at the fields of blackberry cove wedding


Two photos one is of the bride stresses hanging in the Windows the dresses are lace one is brown and great the other is white traditional the second photo is of the bride's rings the clock blurred in the background

Kaleen and Rolly Wedding Rings sitting and bridal bouquet. flowers of orange white and yellow

Large barn set up for wedding at the fields of blackberry Cove lots of green trees, flowers, and ferns surround the barn

Kaleen and Rolly story-9058

Kaleen Story

Kaleen and Rolly story-9044

Kaleen and Rolly story-

Brides dancing before wedding.


Kaleen and Rolly walking down to ceremony

Brides Kaleen and Rolly standing at the altar in beautiful green fields surround by mountains. All the guest are seated in white chairs and have there phones our taking pictures. Sign in front says Choose a seat, not A side Either way it's for a bride

Kaleen and Rolly story--6

Kaleen and Rolly story-5756

Kaleen and Rolly story--10

Kaleen and Rolly story--8

rk rain

Kaleen and Rolly story--9

Kaleen and Rolly story--11

Kaleen and Rolly story--13

Kaleen and Rolly story--14

Kaleen and Rolly story-5867

Wedding sparklers Blackberry-6407

Wedding sparklers Blackberry- Brides leaving the bard with rows of people on either side of them holding sparklers above their heads.



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