Heather + Kerry Wedding at Homewood in Asheville, NC

In Wedding Photography by Will Thomas

Heather Noel Wright & Kerry Millard Myers wedding at Homewood in Asheville, NC

Heather & Kerry had a lovely late Fall wedding at Homewood. They were married in the Garden with just family and then proceeded to their reception inside Homewood’s Great Room with friends and relatives. It was a pleasure for us to photograph their wedding.

Custom made leather coaster from Heather and Kerrys wedding. On the front of the coaster it states their names with a picture of a two seat bike

The details at this wedding were amazing. Kerry & Heather love biking they actually have a bicycle built for two. You can see the romantic tandem bike through out the wedding day in all sorts of details.

Wedding invitations with engagement and wedding rings on wooden boardPicture of Heater looking into a mirror as her mother clasp her necklace. She is in her wedding dress.Close up of Kerrys cufflink which is the double bike that is the theme of their wedding

Ring bearer getting ready

We loved this little guy! Heather & Kerry’s nephew had been sick the past week but he pushed through as ring bearer and got the job done while being silly at the same time. Good job little man!

Pinning the boutonniere on the ring-bearer who is Heather nephewA view of Heather looking into the mirror as her mother helps her button the wedding dressClose up of the wedding bands and engagement ring in flowers.

These rings were absolutely stunning. Heather works building bikes so she wanted a ring that was beautiful and could take the hard beating that her hands can take. I think she nailed it with beauty and functionality. An artist made these individualized rings for them.

I picture of the wedding rings in green moss. two white gold wedding bands and one white gold and diamond engagement ring in green moss. The rings are made out of white gold and iron salvage from medieval nails from Europe and  handcrafted into wedding rings.Kerry dressed and ready to go, he is having his boutonniere mounted before heading to the ceremony. Father of the bride putting on the finishing touches of his outfit before leaving for the ceremony.Mother of the bride and the two seating attendants who are Heathers older nephews. Musicians playing the cello and guitar at the wedding ceremony.Kerry walking down the aisle with his dog who is a Beagle. View threw the bushes of Heather and her father preparing for the wedding ceremonyRing bearer walking down the aisleHeather and her father looking over the hedges as the ring bearer her nephew is being a goober

Heather could not help but laugh behind the bushes at her nephews shenanigans as ring bearer going down the aisle.

Little blond boy ring bearer is walking down the aisle making faces at the crowd.Bride with father about to walk down aisle but laughing at the ring bearer who is goofing off.person in crowd recording on their phone the ring bearer walking down the aisleHeather and her father walking down the aisle with old dog wearing tuxedo

Kerry & Heather are strong dog lovers and really wanted to have them as part of the ceremony. We are dog lovers as well so were very excited for their last minute decision to include the older dogs. Out of all the weddings with dogs we have done these two were the best behaved of them all and really added that special meaning for the bride and groom.

Minister, groom, ring bearer, old dog waiting at the front for the bride to walk down the aisleGroom at the front waiting for Bride to come down aisle while checking in with the ring bearer standing next to himSun is shining bright on the faces of the bride and her father as they confidently walk down the aisleBride and groom stand at the front with the minister while ring beaer walks back to his family in the crowdBride and groom stand towards each other while looking very satisfied into each others eyes The bride and grooms brown and black old dog looking out unto the crowd wearing his tuxedoHeather and Kerry facing each other looking at each other listening to the ministers words as their dog sits looking at crowd.Heather holding her large bouquet listening along with Kerry at the words the minister is sayingThe wedding couple have their first kiss as husband and wife

The first kiss as a married couple is always sweet but this was extra special that the dogs turned to look at it happen.

The wedding couple walk back down aisle holding hands with each dog in the other hands celebrating just getting married.Heather and Kerry holding hands walking down aisle with dogs on leashesBride and Groom holding hands speaking to each other as they walk away from ceremony siteBride and groom walk away from photographer with sun on their backs with each dog in the other hand with leash.Heather and Kerry still walking away after ceremony holding handsYoung ring bearer boy throwing leaves at photographerYoung little boy throwing leaves up in the air

Oh! To be youthful again and throw leaves in the air like snow falling from the sky.

Black and white picture with bride and groom walking away across the yard with hands held and dogs in tow.Kerry & Heather standing together looking at photographer with the golden sun of sunset shining on their backsBride holding out the bouquet Beautiful bouquet being held by bride with picture only covering her torso

Her flowers were so gorgeous with the rich colors. Thanks goes to Flora for doing a awesome job on all the flowers.

Bouquet in focus on a stone wall with the Homewood castle and bride and groom kissing on steps

We believe that Homewood is really the perfect medium to small wedding venue. The romantic castle feel is throughout the building inside and outside.

Kerry and Heather holding hands standing at top of the steps in front of Homewood with bouquet on stepsBride & groom with the setting sun shining on their backs

The golden glow from a setting sun in Asheville, NC in the Fall is perfect and you can really see it in this picture.

cupcakes topper with maple frosting and bacon

Bacon Maple Cupcakes!!

Again Kerry and Heather with sun on their backsBride & groom stand at alter after ceremony while family take pictures with their phonesHeather & Kerry stand together with Homewood castle and their 2 bikes on either sideFamily stand with bride and groom at the front to take picturesAgain, family with bride & groom posing for picturesTwo tiered cake with a miniture two person bike as the topper

Thank you Short Street for all of the incredible yummy delights. We loved the cake topper of the tandem bike.

Dessert table with lit candlesHeather having the father daughter danceKerry having the mother son danceClose up of cake topper which is a bicycle built for 2Heather looking sweetly into fathers eyes as they dance

The parents dance, you can feel the love and excitement with the parents as they dance.

Kerry happily talking to mother during their danceHeather with huge smile looking at father as they danceHeather & Kerry sharing a simultaneous drink from the same cup as tradition would have it

This cup was so beautiful and fun to watch them cheers with it.

Bride and Groom having first danceA full body view of bride & groom having first dance.

The first dance as a married couple was perfect in this gorgeous great room in Homewood

Father of bride looking so happy at the table.Guest taking food from the shrimp cocktail bar

Black Eyed Susan did an awesome creation with the grits bar.

Dessert table with tart-lets

Again, the bakers from Short Street created perfection.

4 kids covering their eyes as bride & groom kiss behind them

We always love doing this cute posed shot.

Kerry & Heather stand at top of stairs as everyone is lined on both sides with sparklersBride & groom kiss while bride kicks leg back as they make a sparkler exitHeather & Kerry are driven off in an old classic car.Bride & groom with one more kiss with sparklers all around right before exitingKerry & Heather laughing as they walk off the steps to get to their exit classic carBride and groom in the classic car leaving the wedding

We love this fun artistic fish eye shot in the classic car at the send-off. We had such a good time at the relaxed and elegant wedding. We wish Heather & Kerry all the luck and keep traveling on that tandem bike together through life.

Forge Mountain Photography also set up a photo booth at Homewood for Heather and Kerry’s Wedding. If you would like to learn more about our Asheville Wedding Photography, let talk!