Jessica + Brian
NC Arboretum
Fairy Tail Wedding and Bridal Shoot

This fairy tale wedding starts at the North Carolina Arboretum . Not so long ago in a place not so far away Brian and Jessica were to have a grand celebration, a wedding! Ok these guys really like Disney and fairies so we did our best! We even photo shopped a few photos with fairies in the photos if you would like to see those just let us know! This is the pre wedding bridal shoot at the Arboretum in Asheville.

Jessica the bride in the butterfly garden at the North Carolina Arboretum
View from above of Jessica in her wedding gown at the North Carolina Arboretum butterfly garden
Jessica the bride looking out from elevated stone in the gardens

The North Carolina Arboretum is one of the finest wedding venues in Asheville. The ultimate green wedding.  Spring, Fall, and Summer all make excellent times for weddings at the arboretum. We do not recommended winter as they have winter lights unless you want a holiday themed wedding.  That said the arboretum is beautiful year round.

Bride standing in one of the colorful flowers at the North Carolina Arboretum

Something borrowed, something blue, something old, something new.

Another view of Jessica at this fairy tail wedding.
Jessica standing in one of the flower beds curtsying
Bride standing in the middle of large formal walk ways leading to bonsai gardens.
Jessica the bride sitting in the gazebo type house at the North Carolina Arboretum

The above photo is one of our favorites we took this year! The soft light coming from camera right really makes Jessica pop out of the photo!

Getting Ready 

Almost wedding time!

Bride getting her hair done
Bride getting eye makeup applied
photo of the makeup kit in the make up artist hands
Bride with bridesmaids. They are attending to her needs, helping sort her pearls
Bridemaids putting on brides shoes
Bride in deep thought before walking down the aisle
Groom writing a note to his bride before the wedding
Bride read note from groom before ceremony
detail from the wedding, a latern
flowers from the wedding
Another detail shot from the wedding

The Ceremony 

Groom jumping into the air walking down the aisle
Groom clicking his heels in the air walking down the aisle
Bride walking outside being handed off to her father
Groomsmen with grooms dog during ceremony
View view of wedding, sun creating star light effect
Groom lifting the vail getting ready for fist kiss
First kiss
walking back down the aisle with their dog in tow

Time for Formals

Couples dog with wedding party out of focus in the background
Bride and maid of honor

What happened next!

Groom and groomsmen having a cigar
Groom and groomsmen late at night standing around enjoying the moment
Groom holding brides hand helping her cross the mountain stream
Bride and groom kissing with a horse grazing very close by
Groom holding bride from behind as she holds the hose by its chin
Bride, Groom, and a horse sharing a moment at wedding
Bride and groom sitting on farm fence at the end of the day

The End 

Happy ever after!

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