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John and Sierra

The Fields of Blackberry Cove
Asheville Barn Wedding


This wedding was published on Borrowed and Blue if you would like to see more photos than we have provided here of this or other Asheville area barn weddings.

Here is the mighty oak tree at The Fields of Blackberry Cove. This is one of the spots you can choose for your ceremony. As photographers we really like this area as it is often shaded which provides nice light for your photos and it also keeps you and your guest cool so no sweat which makes you shiny! Depending on the time of day and which season you pick for your wedding ceremony you may have some sun in your eyes. Talk to Doug the owner and he can help you decide which time will work best as it is only a brief window in spring and fall that the sun is low enough and it only happen for a few hours each day.

Close to the big oak tree they have a nice wooden fence. This is another of our favorite spots.

The barn! Ok this is the barn. It is large, open and rustic. It has multiple large areas that are well subdivided. We normally use one of the room in the center for our photo booth which works really well. Using the center room means it is centrally located to the bar and dance floor.

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