Kasey + Brent at Max Patch – Engagement Photography

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Kasey + Brent
Engagement Photography

We decided to start shooting in Hot Springs, NC before heading to Max Patch. So we headed to Paint Rock along the French Broad River. At the end of a long dirt road well off the beaten path, you find Paint Rock. 5000+-year-old pictographs on the side of the cliffs painted by 1st Nations. Why we picked this spot for the engagement photography is at the top of the cliffs has amazing views of the French Broad River in both Tennessee and North Carolina. Kasey and Brent both living in Tennessee and getting married in North Carolina so this seemed like a great fit.

Kasey and Brent engagement photography on top of Paint Rock in Hot Springs, NCKasey whispering in Brents ear sitting on top of paint rock overlooking the French Broad River.Brent holding Kasey from behind in their engagement photoEngagement picture of Brent kissing Kasey as she smiles at the cameraKasey and Brent walking down dirt road in Hot Springs, NC

Time to hit the road. Next we headed to Max Patch on the Appalachian Trail. It is only a short hike to the top and you feel miles away from everything!

Kasey and Brent hiking to the top of Max Patch for Romantic engagement photosKasey and Brent looking into one anothers eyes on top of Max PatchKasy and Brent hiking on the Appalachian trail on top of Max PatchOutdoor engagement photo of Brent and Kasey standing on top of Max Patch looking out to the mountainsKasey and Brent kissing in this romantic engagement photographKasey and Brent walking with long range views of the Blue Ridge Mountains in the backgroundClose up of Kasey's ring as she holds Brent's hand. View of Kasey and Brent holding hands walking along the Appalachian Trail on top of Max PatchKasey getting a piggy back ride from Brent Panoramic view in this romantic engagement photo on Max PatchKasey and Brent holding handsKasey and Brent standing in the tall grass in this romantic outdoor photoKasey and Brent sitting looking out at the MountainsKasey and Brent posing for engagement photoKasey and Brent looking out standing on the Appalachian TrailBrent holding Kasey as they look out at the mountains

Thanks to Brent and Kasey for being such great sports and hiking to the top of Max Patch, we all had a blast. Need engagement photography ideas? We have so many! 828-243-2755 or Email Us