Photos from the photo booth at Kaleen and Rollys Wedding at The Fields of Blackberry Cove 2015!

This is an example of our larger backdrop photo booth allowing 15-20 people to take a single photo. 
Couple in the Photo Booth both wearing funny glasses and one holding a large gators fan number one . Both couples are wearing black.

Two people in the photo booth wearing funny clothes holding a microphone with oversized glasses on

A couple in the Photo Booth with the mail standing behind the female holding coconut brawl over her wedding dress

Two females in the wedding boom parting one with the funky hat on the other one holding a huge boombox and a microphone

Young girl in wedding photo booth holding a microphone and a huge boombox Large group and Photo Booth striking various poses funny stuff on

Brian and father and Photo Booth father holding guitar bright yanking his tie

Both bride and the Photo Booth with aunt and uncle

Large group of people and photo booth where presidential mask and funny glasses


Two girls in the Photo Booth back to back one holding a microphone the other wearing a funny bowtie

Two people rocking out the Photo Booth including the bride one  has a pony

Bride and pregnant woman in the Photo Booth one with the inflatable pony the other with a boombox

Couple in the Photo Booth

Fields of Blackberry Photobooth Kaylee and Rollyy 2015 (16 of 16)