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Professional Property Photography – West Asheville, North Carolina of the Asheville Exchange Apartments.  Specializing in real estate photography for multi-family residential, we offer a wide range of services from still photography, aerial photography, virtual tours, and videos all to enhance your online presence with a particular interest in your Google business profile. 

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Clubhouse Photography

A beautiful view of their office space at the West Asheville exchange, this is what potential new clients are most likely to see when they walk into this place of business.

When preparing for a real estate photoshoot, it is essential to tidy up the area and make it, so there are not many knick-knacks, cords, trash cans, or anything distracting from your photo. This is especially important for interior photography. If you have any questions or concerns, we suggest reaching out to one of our professional property photographers directly!

Professional Apartment Photography from the interior of the clubhouse of Asheville Exchange Apartments in West Asheville.
View of the coffee bar in the clubhouse

Professional Property Photographer

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Pool Photography

Professional Property Photographer shot this wide angel view of the pool and clubhouse at Asheville Exchange

Preparing your pool starts months in advance; sometimes, it will end in disaster if you try last second to shock your pool for your photoshoot. If your pool does not look photo-ready for your upcoming shoot, it is best to call a pool professional and let them handle the situation instead of trying to shock your pool yourself. You may end up with a milky-white pool and photos that require intensive editing. 

If your budget allows, we suggest an addition to Daylight photos that you try to get Twilight or night photos of your pool as they are often the most striking. However, it is essential to get full daylight photos as those are your marketing photos because everyone wants to think of a  bright sunshiny warm area when they think about a swimming pool.

Pro Tip: When preparing for your photoshoot that includes a pool, ask your landscapers not to blow debris near the pool. It often ends up in the bottom and creates an eyesore. If you try to remove it from the pool, you will end up with water on the deck which may change the color of the concrete in that area, creating another eyesore. 

A photograph of their swimming pool area outside of the club house at this West Asheville apartment complex
A low angle view of the pool at Asheville Exchange
Architectural photo of the pool and Clubhouse of this apartment complex there are lounge chairs in the immediate foreground the swimming pool is in the middle and the clubhouse is in the background fluffy blue clouds in the sky.
Photo of the pool at Asheville exchange apartments with bright purple flowers in the foreground, pull in the midground and the apartment buildings in the background.

Hammock Area Photos

 Another view of the hammock area this time from a different angle with the clubhouse and swimming pool in the background this is an HDR photography real estate.
An exterior photo of the hammock and seating area that is well landscaped with wooden hammocks in the background.

This professional photo shoot is of a relatively new apartment complex, but as you can see, the plants are well-established and healthy. Immediately before a photo shoot is not the time to plant your landscape; unless you have expert help, your plants may look worse than expected. The one exception would be annual flowers. They can often add a lot of pop in a short amount of time, and they tend to look very good even when new.

Business Center

Interior photography of the business center at this apartment complex with Apple Computers lined up on the desk and the chairs neatly arranged to face towards the camera.

Game Room

A picture of the gaming room with a pool table in the foreground and gaming tables in the background on this real estate photography shoot.

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Fitness Center

Fitness Center Photography
A professional property photoshoot is the photo of the cycling room in the fitness center there are red bikes and the background and a variety of workout balls in the foreground.

Model Unit

Another view of the kitchen in the permanent model at Asheville Exchange

Pro Tip – For apartment complexes that are about to have their property photographed and have a permanent model unit. If you spent an enormous amount of time setting up and staging your model unit, please do not skimp on the lighting. it is important to determine how you want your model unit to feel, which will be directly affected by your lighting choice. I see many apartment complexes that just dropped the ball here and have a mixture of light colors. You have two basic options: a cool white bright light that looks sterile and airy. Or you can go with a nice warm look that looks homey and comfortable. Warm lighting creates a golden or yellow hue to your photos.

One of the worst things you can do is mix the two or even worse by cheap lighting with purple, violet, blue, and other fun hues that cast all over your beautiful model unit that are very difficult to correct in post-production.

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