No Stress Posing for Wedding Photography

We often hear ” I am not photogenic” or “I feel and look awkward in pictures.” Well, that is why we are here, we make you feel relaxed to capture moments that matter to you without stress, anxiety, or headaches. We have a process to get even the most introverted person comfortable and looking natural in front of the camera, all without posing!

It is Not You

Often friends and family make massive productions out of taking photos, making it feel forced. The results are often pictures that feel and look staged. People often walk away with a picture that is unflattering, and they immediately assume it must be their fault. Sure some people are incredibly photogenic and look amazing even in the worst possible situations with the worse possible photographer. Then there are the rest of us who count on our photographer to capture you, not just a snapshot but who you are. Capturing candid moments even when posed is the difference between a good photographer and a great photographer.


Posing is a necessary evil for some and a welcome relief for others. While it is possible to shoot a wedding only by capturing candid moments, posing is needed in the form to get the photo. An example, sometimes you or a family member wants a particular photo, often that picture will be posed in some fashion.

Bride and Maid of Honor getting ready in hotel room at Lake Lure. Both are in gowns and appear very candid in this whimsical picture

Wedding Posing Style

Our style is always laid back and go with the flow. We give some tips to make sure you look great. Simple suggestions that drastically change the look and feel of the photo. From there we look at the group dynamic and pose people in a natural way. We focus on fun and whimsical moments to capture real smiles; often the photo is taken and done before the group even realizes we took the pictures.

Wedding Formals

Pairing and or grouping such as the wedding party, bride with the bridesmaid, and all sorts of other possible pairing are all great examples of posed shots. We have this down to a science so that it will be quick with amazing results. Our posing process allows more time for fun shots, bride + groom shots, and getting to the reception sooner.

Your Comfort

It is our job to make sure you are comfortable and get shots you love. If that involves posed, shots have no worries that we will get the shots without your guest feeling awkward, staged, or uncomfortable. We often capture some amazing candid moments during the formal shots.

It is our job to make sure you look your best. Outside of the formal photo, you will likely not even recognize what we do as posing. And if you really want nothing to do with posing we can shot completely candid photos like documentary photography. This is often referred to as “photojournalistic style”.