Modern Film Emulation

For Wedding Photography

Lets take a look at VSCO 01

This is by far my favorite film emulation for wedding photography. While it does not look like the films in question it is close enough. In many ways these a have a look all their own. All photos are white balance adjusted using a grey card to assure accuracy.

Let’s take a look at a bridal shot from North Carolina Arboretum The difference sometimes will be very subtle and simply a matter of personal taste. I will use the same photo so you can see the subtle difference in the presets.

Above is what our normal edit of this photo would look like.

Above is camera neutral look. These photos are often flat. Now lets have a look at Fuji 160C. This was a very popular wedding film at one time.

Fujicolor Pro

Above is Fuji 160C – This film attempts to emulate Fujicolor Pro 160 which is a professional-quality color negative film design for professional portrait photographers. This film was known for its one of a kind skin tone rendition.

Above Fuji 160C – VSCO film presets with the minus sign are often lite versions of the film preset.

Above Fuji 160C+

Above Fuji 160C++

Above Fuji 400H – This is one of my personal favorites in this pack for wedding photography. This is another color negative film that was extremely popular with wedding photographers. Another great example of a film with superb skin tones, outstanding color reproduction and highlight details.

Above is Fuji 400H-

Above is Fuji 400H+

Above is Fuji 400H++

Above is Fuji 800Z – This emulation tries to match Fujicolor Pro 800Z which was the high ISO film from Fujicolor for indoor shooting.

Above is Fuji 800Z-

Above is Fuji 800Z+

Above is Fuji 800Z++

Kodak Portra Films

Above is Kodak Portra 160. The is VSCO take at Kodak Professional Portra film. This is professional portrait and wedding film. And like the Fujicolor Pro it produces amazing color and skin tones all with very fine grain. Please know that grain in film is not the same as noise in digital photography. If you truly want the look of film you should shoot with film.

Above is Kodak Portra 160-

Above is Kodak Portra 160+

Above is Kodak Portra 160++

Above is Kodak Portra 400 – This is the one that really put VSCO on the map. It is used often and has a very specific look

Above is Kodak Portra 400-

Above is Kodak Portra 400+

Above is Kodak Portra 400++

Above is Kodak Portra 800

Above is Kodak Portra 800-

Above is Kodak Portra 800+

Above is Kodak Portra 800++

Above is Kodak Portra 800 HC – This is another special preset. It can work really well with some photos.

VSCO has truly great film emulation and this film pack is no exception. I fell these presets work really well for outdoor wedding photography. It is possible to use these presets for indoor wedding photography but to get skin tones to look natural it requires some extra work in many cases.

VSCO Film 01 is a must-have for wedding photographers looking to speed up their workflow and whose clients want that look. If you like the look of these presets I really recommend picking up a film camera and a few different rolls of film. If you are already shooting with Nikon or Canon you can buy a modern film camera that will work with your lens.