Proposal and Engagement Location - Whale Back Falls

Top of Whaleback Falls

Is Whaleback Falls a good proposal location?

As a surprise proposal location, this place can be great if you are looking for a mountain stream that fades into the background. There are three good options at this spot. The rock you see in the foreground, the rock you see in the background, and the top of the waterfall. The foreground rock is easily accessible most of the year. The rock in the background requires a stream crossing through shallow water.

So there is a fourth location only available in the warmer months. That is the rock in the swimming hole below the falls. This is how this place gets its name, as it looks like a whale breaching.

The falls are a swimming hole, and you should expect them to be busy during the summer months. The first thing in the morning or late in the evening around the golden hour is the best time to avoid crowds.

View of Whaleback falls from bottom of falls

Is Whale Back Falls a good Engagement Photo Location?

As an engagement location, this place is one of the best. Easy access to the road. Unique photo opportunities galore. The one catch is that you need to be ready to get wet. We only recommend the rock in the foreground in the wintertime as it does not require and water crossing or access to slick areas.

If you are more adventurous, you can head to the lower falls for privacy and a whole different world of photo opportunities.

We recommend doing this as a part of a larger package of photos to include other nearby scenic locations for engagement photos as one location can become repetitive.

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