Biltmore Horseback & Carriage Proposal

Horseback and Carriage Rides offer a truly fairy-tale experience to a private location perfect for surprise proposals. 

How to Plan a Horseback or Carriage Proposal

There are two ways to get on the Biltmore Estate property to do horseback & carriage rides. The first is to buy a ticket to the Biltmore House and Gardens. The other way is to be staying overnight on the property at one of the Biltmore hotels, The Inn on Biltmore Estate, or Village Hotel on Biltmore Estate. Looking for a Step by Step Guide to Proposing at the Biltmore?

You can buy the tickets to do the horseback and carriage rides by calling the Biltmore main ticket office or calling the Biltmore Stables and directly speaking to the stable employee. I recommend calling the Biltmore Stables to book your tickets. They better understand the schedule and precisely what rides they’re offering. At the Stables, they have up-to-date information and can answer your questions about the horse rides, carriage rides, and condition of the trails.

Carriage Ride Biltmore Proposal in Asheville

You will want to let your photographer know you are planning on proposing, and they will help you decide the best location and timing for your proposal. Let the stables know you plan on hiring a photographer to capture the moment. If you choose Forge Mountain Photography we will take care of the communication. It is best if the photographer and the stable staff communicate about the plan. I have the experience that the Stables are very willing to make this moment magical and perfect. Making sure your photographer has a good working relationship with the stables is a must to ensure everything goes smoothly. 

Biltmore Carriage Ride Proposal

Austin taking a knee on Diana Hill at the Biltmore Estate in Asheville proposing to Marissa

There are three types of carriage rides available. The shortest of the three carriage rides is a 30-minute ride with up to 12 people. This ride allows for a brief stop to enjoy the views of the Biltmore House and get to know your horses. It is a great spot to propose with the Biltmore House in the background. Your next option is a 60 Minute ride with up to 6 people. This ride includes beautiful long-range Blue Ridge Mountain views and a stop-off with a rare view of the Biltmore House West facing side. The final carriage ride is a private up to 4 guests that last 90 minutes and goes all over the Biltmore Estate, much like how the guest of the Vanderbilt’s would have seen the property. If you do not want to do the full 90 minutes, speak to the stable staff and adjust the route to make it a shorter trip. Private carriage rides are the only way to have your proposal captured by a photographer. It is best for the photographer to go ahead to a prearranged spot on the estate and wait for you to arrive while remaining hidden. The other option is the photographer can ride with you for a short distance to the best view. 

Stuart & Cori Biltmore Horse Proposal - Cori is petting one of the draft horses

I recommend the private carriage ride when you are proposing. The private tour allows for a more intimate setting to enjoy this special moment in your life with no interruptions. With all three of these carriage rides, they pass through woods and wildflower fields to create a fairy tale romance story that will be remembered for years and told to future generations.

Biltmore Estate Horseback Riding Proposal

The Biltmore Estate offers over 80 miles of horse trails to explore. There are several options for horseback riding on the grounds, each with incredible opportunities and locations for a proposal. They offer a guided trail ride involving a group of fellow guests. This trail ride leads you through the Biltmore woods and the gorgeous, often blooming wildflower fields of the Biltmore Estate. If you are looking for a more private or intimate setting for your proposal, try private horseback riding, which is 2 hours long and goes through the extensive horse trails all over the Biltmore property. The private horseback riding option is for your group to be 1 to 4 people.

Two horse being ridden on a private trail ride at Biltmore estate for a Horseback Riding Proposal

If you own a horse, bring them along. The Biltmore is very accommodating and even encourages people to bring their horses and ride their 80 miles of well-marked trails located on the property. There are five different 10 to 30 miles loops for your pleasure; some offer optional jumps. The Travel Channel rated the Biltmore as the 3rd best horseback ride in the world. There is even an option of primitive camping with your horse for an additional fee. You can also rent a paddock for an additional fee so you can do some exploring of the grounds and the Biltmore House while your horse rests in comfort.