Biltmore at 8AM

I arrived early, and this is what the Biltmore house looks like at 8 am under a lite fog. You cannot see the mountains that are typically behind the house, but in dense fog, you cannot see the house from Diana.

Family of Turkeys guarding the hill.

I thought I had the place to myself until I noticed the group of Turkey hens and chicks.

Proposal Photos

Terry is down on one knee proposing with the Biltmore House in the background.  The grass has nice leading lines! This is the actual surprise proposal on Diana Hill.
Black and white version of Terry down on one knee proposing with the Biltmore House in the background.  The grass has nice leading lines!
Terry giving me the thumbs up after proposing as to signal me and make sure I captured the photos. You can still see the Biltmore House in the background with long range views of mountains.

Terry is giving me the thumbs up to make sure I captured the moment. I remain hidden until the last possible second. In most cases, I catch plenty of shots of the actual proposal.

Terry and his bride hugging it out, she is glowing and clearly full of joy and happiness.
Terry pointing at me the camera man as to say I hired a photographer to capture our proposal!

Ohh boy, now he is pointing me out! With a little help from my friendly neighborhood, turkeys, she did not even notice me standing near Diana with a camera. Captured the proposal without ever being seen!

Engagement Photos

We do a few engagement photos with every surprise proposal package we offer at The Biltmore Estate.

Terry and his bride walking down the path to the next area. It is a gravel path lined with trees.

Always try to give them a minute to talk about what just happened!

Early morning light can be spectacular. However, as its transition to the midday sun, it can quickly become harsh. I always try to use the sunlight if possible. I love the glow it creates.

One last look from Diana before we head down to the garden!

This is one of my favorite spots on the estate near the house. There is never anyone here, and it is so beautiful!

Now we see the midday sun is working against us in our photos, never fear we will get the shot!

Using the midday sun to make sure glow! Love it!

Shooting eye level on the ground is one of my favorites to create an intimate close feeling!

This has a film look that some people like, I certainly like the look and feel of this photo.

Congrats guys! Enjoy the rest of your trip to Asheville!

On the way back to my car I found these guys patrolling the lawn again!

If you have any question about proposal photography or Biltmore proposal photography please give me a call. Here is my list of Top Spot at the Biltmore.